Our Lives Save Lives

We are survivors of gun violence. But together, we can turn our stories into hope.

March For Our Lives is creating a space to uplift stories of gun violence. We want to use our collective strength as survivors to inspire others to bring about the change our country desperately needs.

If you know someone who has been victimized by gun violence, please share your story here. Once you share your story, we’ll follow up with more ways you can take action and help instill hope in America.

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There's a gun violence epidemic in America. Mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters are dying – more than 100 every day. While our leaders and the NRA send thoughts and prayers, we bury loved ones taken from us by senseless violence.

Now is not the time to stand by and accept that daily gun violence is just the reality of life in America. Now is the time to fight. We need you to fight with us.